We are one of Western Canada's largest suppliers of the popular "Xarc" line of welding tools. Xarc has always made tools that are extremly well-built and very durable to use. Everything made by Xarc is designed by pipeline and fabrication welders that actually work in their field, and therefore the tools they produce are very useful and practical. The Xarc products that are magnetized use a very strong rare earth magnet, and can easily hold the ground clamps securely on the pipe even through yellowjacket. We ship these tools all over the world!

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This is the Xarc Rotating Ground Clamp. It can be adjusted to any of the three positions and spins nicely but not too loosely when the ground cable is attached. It fits in 2" pipe as well.
This is the Xarc Magnetic Umbrella Stand. It has 2 bars with 5 magnets each holding it in place! These are exceptionally strong magnets. The stand also comes with grinder clips, and can hold 2 grinders
This is another view of the Umbrella Stand
This will be the anti-creep roller heads. These are designed to wobble a bit to prevent any pipe from creeping away.
This is the Xarc Magnetic Pipeline Clamp. The arm swings down to where you need to ground without scarring or marking the pipe. It has extremely stong magnets, and can stick through yellowjacket on pipe. Also known as a Grasshopper Clamp.

This is another view of the

Pipeline Mag Clamp, or Grasshopper Clamp